Yard Reports for Craft CMS 1.0.0-dev
Export Sprout Forms as Excel CSV reports
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Advanced report options

CSV Report configuration

You can control the following aspects of how the report is generated, by editing the report (or when you create the report):

CSV Export style

You can choose between Excel/Numbers compliant, comma separated and tab separated.


Adds a marker to the report so Excel recognizes that it may contain special characters.

Export header rows

Wether your report should contain column names in the first row

Show created column

Wether a column should be created when a report entry was created.

Keep new lines

By default, new lines are preserved in the cells. You can disable this and specify your own newline symbol.

New line symbol

If you have keep new lines disabled, the symbol to use for a new line.

Multi value separator

Some cells may contain multiple values, for example for entry fields with multiple content entries selected. Or checkbox lists.
All the selected values will be displayed in a single cell, separated by the setting of this separator (usually a comma or a | pipe).

NULL value

Sometimes fields are completely empty. For examplewhen you add a new field to the Sprout report but there are already entries.
In that case, use this value in the cell in the report.

Invalid value

If for some reason, a field value cannot be displayed, the cell will contain this value.

Date format, Time format, Date/time format

This specifies how dates and times will look in your report. See the php date reference for the available formatting options.

Debug mode

If debug mode is enabled, the cells with invalid values in the report may contain some more information.