Yard Reports for Craft CMS 1.0.0-dev
Export Sprout Forms as Excel CSV reports
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Get started

First, make sure:

  • You have Sprout Forms installed.
  • You have created a Sprout Form with some entries.
  • You have the Yard Reports plugin installed and enabled in your Craft CMS installation.

Many of you will already have an existing Sprout Forms installation, so you can directly proceed with the Yard Reports plugin installation.

Create a report

In the Craft CMS Control panel,

  • Go to the 'Yard Reports' (in the left navigation of the Control Panel).
  • Click the 'New Report' button.
  • Give the report a title, and select your Sprout Form for which you want to export the entries.
  • Make sure the 'Add fields on save' switch is enabled, it will automatically import all fields of the form into the report to reduce manual setup.
  • Then save the report, leave the other more advanced options as they are for now.
  • Now you can click the 'download' or 'preview' button and done.