Craft CMS Poll plugin v1.3.0
Easily make polls in craft cms
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Craft CMS Poll plugin


With this plugin you can easily create polls in Craft plugin, without the need of an external service.

  • Create polls in a separate poll section
  • Anonymous and registered voting
  • Customize answers with images, or any other field you like
  • Get participating users for a poll and by poll answer in the front end
  • Multilingual and multi site support
  • Only uses Craft CMS native fields
  • No external service required, poll results are stored in your own database

4-step usage guide

  1. Install the plugin from the plugin store
  2. Set up required fields and sections in the utility panel
  3. Create your first poll in the 'Polls' entries section
  4. Display the poll form and results in your templates

Optionally, but you will use this often, a pre-configured field type 'selectPoll' is created.

You can add this field to your existing content entries to attach an existing poll to your entry, or even create a new poll directly from within your article entry.

Anonymous users

If you want to have anonymous users to participate in your poll, it is always unsure if a user already has participated.

The plugin keeps the latest poll submissions in a cookie, so someone using the same browser and computer will not be able to participate twice.

This might be sufficient for some purposes and simple sites. However a user might always open an incognito browser or clear his cookies; he or she will then be able to participate again.